working on MLJAR AutoML
I'm working on MLJAR AutoML https://github.com/mljar/mljar-supervised
Piotr here, I'm from Poland. I'm working on AutoML tools https://github.com/mljar/mljar-supervised <- that's my most exciting project :) Cheers!
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Build Churn Classifier with MLJAR AutoML

I would like to showcase my notebook

Published notebook:


In this notebook, I analyze the Telco churn data. I use MLJAR AutoML to build several types of classifiers. The highest performance is not always the only goal of the analysis. That's why few AutoML modes are used:
  • Explain mode for data exploration
  • Perform mode for producing the fastest model
  • Optuna mode to highly tune CatBoost algorithm

In the notebook, I use several fantastic packages:
  • pandas for data frame manipulation
  • pandas-profiling for automatic explorative data analysis
  • optuna for hyperparameters tuning
  • mljar-supervised for automated machine learning
  • scikit-plot for models performance visualization

The MLJAR AutoML package -> https://github.com/mljar/mljar-supervised

You will find many amazing plots and visualizations in the notebook. I hope you will enjoy it!
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REST API from notebook

Is it possible to make a REST API endpoint from the notebook?