Nathan Carter

Professor, Bentley University
I teach math, including data science, computer graphics, and logic.

tqdm not working; related to ipywidgets

I believe the progress bar tool tdqm used to work in Deepnote, but I could be wrong.  Either way, I get the following error.

Multiple languages in one project

I created a Deepnote project, specified that the custom environment should be from the Docker image jupyter/datascience-notebook, and it built that image just fine, and would still run notebooks with Python kernels.

But that image provides Jupyter kernels for R and Julia as well.  So I created a new notebook, manually edited its JSON source to specify "kernel_info":{"name":"ir"} (since "jupyter kernelspec list" from the terminal said that ir was a supported kernel) and re-opened the notebook.  It will not run R code, giving Python errors about it instead.

I have not yet tried the same experiment with Julia.

Is what I'm trying to do possible?  If so, how do I do it?  Thank you!
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Fractions do not display correctly (using KaTeX)

When writing in Markdown, one uses the $...$ syntax to add mathematics, as in $\frac{x^2}{x+1}$ to represent the fraction we would write in Python as x**2/(x+1).  But the fraction bars are not displaying when the Markdown is rendered.  See attached image.

Just the act of displaying a very wide dataframe truncates it in memory (!)

See reproduction here, with explanatory comments embedded: