Axel Yaguana

Data Science Student | Civil Engineer
Hey! I'm a Civil Engineer undergrad who learns Data Science. I like maths, programming and algorithms. I code in Python and JavaScript.

Analysis of building data from Ecuador in 2012

Construction is one of the key industries in Ecuadorian economy. So, I decided to explore data (from 2012).

Some of the interesting findings I got:

βœ…5 provinces (out of 24) concentrate 80.4% of investment in construction industry.
βœ…Public properties tend to be more expensive than the private ones.

You can find the full analysis here:
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Hi, there. I'm Axel, a Data Science student from Loja, Ecuador. I have a Civil Engineering background. ✌️

I'm here to improve my skills, to connect with people with similar interests and to grow. I'll be publishing projects.
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