Current PhD researcher: Carbon Capture Materials Discovery
Hi! I'm a PhD student interested in how we can use data-driven techniques to find the best materials to remove/mitigate carbon dioxide from our atmosphere!

Easier way to navigate projects

Hi all,

Loving the platform so far! As I create more projects using deepnote I'm noticing that there could be an easier way to browse through them. Maybe a tiled layout or something similar to a directory. There's quite a lot of empty space.


Hi all,

My name is Fergus and I'm a PhD student from Ireland, studying in Scotland.

In my PhD I try to find a link between the structure of materials and how good they are at removing carbon dioxide from industrial gas streams. There's lots of machine learning that can be done in this area and I hope to showcase some of my research!

I'm interested in chemical engineering, chemistry, material science, and data science.

Here's one of the many materials that I look at:

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June 2021 Submission: Vaccine race

Hi all,

I partnered with John Young to produce this notebook. We looked at some country statistics to see what the drivers behind a successful vaccination programme are. We had some fun with PCA, TSNE, and random forest regression to get some pretty graphs.

We found that high vaccination rates are overwhelmingly related to GDP per capita, but only up to a certain point! After $9k GDP per capita we found no further increases in vaccination rate.

Hope you enjoy! 
This is an entry into the Deepnote June 2021 competition.
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