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R build times out with package quanteda

I want to install quanteda once for a project and have it be available for all the notebooks in that project. To do this I modify the docker file of the R 3.5.2 template as follows:

RUN sudo apt-get update && \    sudo apt-get install -y r-base libxml2-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev libmariadbclient-dev libgit2-dev
RUN sudo R -e "install.packages(c('IRkernel', 'quanteda'), repos='' , dependencies=TRUE)"
RUN R -e "IRkernel::installspec()"
RUN sudo usermod -a -G staff jovyan
# Set default kernel to R

Here is my notebook: 
My problem is that the build times out. Any recommendations? Thank you for your help.
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