[Google BigQuery Integration] Arrow support

Gbq Integration is a great feature because we can secure credential and conveniently get data via Sql Cell, but I want to store data in pyarrow format (not dataframe format) which is already supported by Google BQ Client to_arrow function. Hence, is there any way to enhance the current sql cell, or any way else to execute to_arrow function while still hiding google account credential ?

Unable to start machine

My project BI-Team-Duplicate-WzgNpGROSFaoR4tunnV6Ew can't start machine, even i duplicated the project, with above error message.

PostgreSQL integration not working (sslmode)

I got postgresql integration failure with message "connection failed". I already whitelisted 4 deep note ip addresses. So I think maybe the connection is not configured sslmode=required ?

Ref: Template-Project-NB72cNnGSBCG1U0p_WJH9A

Deepnote Scheduling

Hello everyone,

I have other questions about Scheduling Feature of DeepNote:
     1. Does DeepNote support scheduling multiple notebooks in each project with different timelines?
     2. Will it support running the notebook every n minutes, for example, at every 5th minute?

I would like to know the up-coming plan and possible time so that I can catch up with my team.

Thank you very much!

Google Big Query

Hi all,

Currently, my team is using deepnote to work, however we cannot query GBQ through the GBQ icon of deepnote, but when I query via code it is successful (although I previously queryed via the icon of GBQ is successful)?
Can someone help me?
Thank you very much