Thiago Cândido
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Greetings :)

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I'm Thiago, founder of, a consulting company focused on AI, machine learning, and big data applications. I have acted in engineering, R & D, leadership, and executive roles in my career.  

I found out about Deepnote a few months ago. I wrote a (now outdated) post on Medium reviewing the platform since I worked on a course collaboratively with a work colleague, and Deepnote was the platform we chose to write our Python scripts.

Since then, I have used Deepnote with a few of my consulting customers. I was happy to share my experience with Jakub Žitný and Elizabeth Dlha to improve even further on some aspects of providing the best Deepnote experience for customers everywhere.

I'm happy to connect with the community here since I will be releasing Deepnote related content, and I would appreciate topic suggestions and feedback!

Feel free to read my stories on my Medium page or contact me via Twitter.


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