Dataframe SQL Cell queries losing values (replaced by None) on some queries

I am writing because I have observed what might be a bug.Β  Steps to recreate:
  1. Β Read in a CSV file into a dataframe. CSV file has a column of dates that appear to have been read-in as strings.
  2. Create a second Dataframe SQL cell and select * from the dataframe created in step 1. In my project (link below), the column with date like string values got replaced with missing values. Desired output would be to not modify row values on a simple select (no transformations).Β 
Link to published notebook:Β Local Services Analysis | Deepnote See column OPENEDDATETIME near the cell that mentions a potential bug.

Additional information. Attempting a Dataframe SQL query of a manually created dataframe where I tell pandas to parse certain columns as dates does NOT show the same issue. This makes me believe that there is some kind of implicit data casting (string -> date) that is failing silently along the way.Β