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Writing about Deepnote

Hi everyone!

I discovered Deepnote about 6 months ago, and even though I'm no Data Scientist (I'm a Product Manager) I was blown away by the product. There's something about the user experience that almost made me regret my career path πŸ˜… Before I knew it I was spending time on weekends learning Python basics. With that I was able to investigate a KYC-related issue at my company, which felt incredible.

Now I happen to write a newsletter about products I find cool and I'd like to share that enthusiasm for the product with my readers!

1- For the Deepnote team: can I write an edition of my newsletter on Deepnote? (For reference, here's the latest edition I wrote)
2- For the broader community and the Deepnote teeam: which features (e.g. Command Palette) deserve to be highlighted in your opinion?
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