COVID by the numbers

This showcase seems to be for a lot more serious work but I figured I could share this here.

The original idea for this Notebook came from I made several modifications, changed countries, and customized my own plots. It's been my go-to personal dashboard to track COVID progression. Depending on the news and current trends, I modify the countries I'm looking at.

The notebook pulls raw data, cleans it up, and uses it to plot charts, using Plotly.

The last chart, displaying new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the past week vs. the total confirmed cases to date was heavily inspired by work done at When plotted in this way, exponential growth is represented as a straight line that slopes upwards. Notice that almost all countries follow a very similar path of exponential growth.

I often look at Step 6 - where multiple indicators are combined in one panel. With the basic function created, I can plot a country's main indicators quickly.Β

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cartopy in requirements.txt - troubleshooting initialization errors

When I add "cartopy" to a requirements.txt file, the machine fails to initialize. Questions is two I guess:

  • anyone ran into this and knows whys?
  • what's the best to troubleshoot initialization errors on projects?

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