Mehul Parekh

Hey guys , I am an aspiring Data scientist . I love to read articles and also gaming
 Jakub Žitný  Thank you for listening to the community 👍
 Jakub Žitný  yeah i use that but before switching to deepnote i was using jupyter lab and in that i prefered using the csv viewer while working on data analysis
 Jakub Žitný  Its a little thing but much needed which is whenever we open a csv file a proper tabular view would be good
 Denis Shilov  yeah but anyways loved interacting with you :)
 Denis Shilov  yeah sure i am using these two only but would love to see these features in future deepnote updates as I love this notebook v much 
 Denis Shilov  yeah i can execute but then it will open in colab and then whats the point of using deepnote then