Syahrul Bahar Hamdani

Data Science Engineer
Hi, I'm Dani! Currently, I'm working in a digital media startup in Indonesia, Kurio as a Data Science Engineer. I sometimes use Deepnote for teaching notes and recently for work-related analysis that needs to be shared and collaborating with others.

Weird UI for published notebook

Is it only me or everyone else also got a weird UI in all published notebooks? Also, the "Recommended on Deepnote" section is missing.

🚀 Extracting YouTube Trending Video Statistics using Scheduled Notebook

Hi all 👋🏻

Recently I've tried the scheduling feature for my ongoing project which extracts YouTube trending video statistics, especially for region Indonesia.

At first, I would rewrite all in the python main file, but then I thought I can just write some shell commands in the cells to run the script directly. So, I add some necessary environment variables as integration.

Check the published notebook for full detail on how I schedule the notebook.
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