group with markdown to run multiple cells

when the machine stops and the notebook is large, not all cells should be re-run.Β 
being able to group run cells to re activate the notebook quickly would be nice. in colab, i do it via collapsing markdown. can be done differently of course πŸ˜€

mongodb get connection on deepnote as i do on pycharm

in pycharm i use a mongoclient from pymongo with some constant configuration for host and all. thanks to that i fetch some raw data into a db.
to be able to do it, i authorize in admin of my db, my ip to access the db. if not there is an elapsed time error.
to use it in deepnote, how do i deal with the ip issue?
how do i set up the integration to have access to this data base?
when done, how do i set up my client?

keyboard shortcuts

1. cmd-D allows to "quick add next". i have not found a "quick find all"
2. cmd-M should toggle cell type between code and text. on my mac, it hides the window.Β 
we should be able to configure shortcuts


on chrome on ipad pro:
1. menus are not scrollable (global variables, table of content).
2. when scrolling on main notebook, cells take 2 seconds to appear. no continuity like on desktop.
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Stupid question of the day: how do you do line breaks without using / ?

is there a shortcut to do so?
when you just "return" inside any parenthesis or on a give online of code, there is no corresponding indent and the line break does not always work.

Plotly - Lines and markers not shown

I was testing deepnote and tried to reproduce plot_path from this code ( with Python 3.7 and Python 3.9.
The markers and the blue line do not appear on the map.Β 
I tried it in colab and it works.

To be fair, the ox.plot_graph(G) command works in Deepnote (even if with black background) and it does work in colab.

Would you have a solution?

Markdown collapsing

Allow collapsing of code and subheaders under same ## level. This clarifies the notebook when working on it (hide helper functions or parts already coded).Β 
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