Machine pre-empted and shut down?

I've recently tried running a really intensive load (a for loop training a bunch of models) and the machine always shuts down on me. I was assuming that it was because I was running out of RAM, but I just noticed that before it shut down this time, I got a banner message saying your machine will be shut down in 120 seconds and then something about pre-emption. The message disappeared before I could read it properly.

Are more intensive workloads automatically shut down after a set period of time?

When will ipywidgets support be added?

As the title says, how long will it take before ipywidgets support is added to Deepnote? It has been a pain point for a while, and has forced me to download notebooks and run them locally in more than a few instances.
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Notebook not working because of /work/ directory path changes

None of my notebooks is working properly because they are set to initiate in the `/home/jovyan/work` directory (a quick `%%bash pwd` in `` confirms it), but all my data has been moved to `/work/`.

So, `` won't read `requirements.txt` anymore, my dependencies aren't being downloaded and, as you can imagine, all the file paths and so on in my project are broken.