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Hidden code cells cause single lines in published notebook

Please see the below screenshot of a published notebook with hidden code cells at the top:ο»Ώ

Published Notebooks

I would like to share notebooks as reports for the layman without any code, but just the graphics and tables and markdown.

I hid the cell output, and then published my notebook. I found that the published notebook had tiny lines for every cell I had hidden code for (for the cells that had no output). See image below.

I like the publishing feature, but I want it without any code as I want to author reports that are not targeted at people who care about the code.

Also, it would be nice if there was a feature that could easily hide/show all code for all cells in a notebook, and not one by one.

Please share your thoughts - maybe I didn't do something right and this is all possible?ο»Ώ