Aron Boettcher

Data Scientist,

Can we have a way to give kudos (positive) feedback in the community?

Just got some great help on a weird R environment issue and Daniel really stuck with the issue till it was resolved. It would be great if there was a points/ accolades system to credit people for helping.
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Did an update just get pushed to the R 4.0 image?

data.table was working with no issue an hour ago and now its β€œinstallation of package β€˜data.table’ had non-zero exit status”.

If not on the deepnote end perhaps a push was made to the data.table package?
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PostgreSQL integration not working?

I'm trying to use the PostgreSQL integration to store some JSON objects, however, although the integration appears to be connected to the notebook, I'm unable to access the database. Likewise, when I go to test the integration, nothing appears to happen. I tried burning down and rebuilding the project and no luck. I've tried using the 'test connection' button in the integration, and I've also tried to use the example cells in the integration, but neither appear to connect to the database. Thoughts?