Joshua Ferris

Masters of Science in Business Analytics Student
Hey everyone! I love to hike, snuggle with puppies, and write code in both R and Python.

Tensorboard Integration

It would be awesome to be able to get tensorboard up and running in a notebook.

Deepnote Swag! 🚀

Thank you so much to the entire Deepnote team for putting together an amazing resource! And to  Elizabeth Dlha  for shipping me the cool swag, now the entire university will know how I make amazing notebooks.

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Markdown centered equation using $$

As title suggests it would be nice if when in a markdown cell I wrap an equation in $$ rather than $ for it to center it on a newline

Markdown with Latex Slowdown

If I have a markdown cell with latex it seems to get more and more stutters the more latex that is added to the point where it is seconds between text cursor moving

MongoDB Integration Connection String

When trying to add a MongoDB integration using a connection string I cannot type or paste the connection string into the text box on Safari (latest version)
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