Radovan Kavicky

President & Principal Data Scientist @ GapData Institute
Macroeconomist (acad. bckg), Data Scientist (profes. bckg). || Founder PyData Slovakia/Bratislava & R<-Slovakia & skczTUG || President @ GapData || Instructor @ DataCamp https://www.linkedin.com/in/radovankavicky/

PyData Slovakia & UDSC/X-Europe > Orsolya Vasarhelyi: Data Science for (Gender) Equality

🖖 Just a kind reminder, that our/UDSC (United Data Science Communities)/X- #Europe #Webinars #Series #coalition of #Data #Science #meetups that we #Slovakia / PyData Slovakia & Bratislava formed with our friends & colleagues from #Austria, #Spain, #Germany, #Poland, #Hungary and #Ireland] upcoming event is tomorrow (on February 24th, from 5:00pm CEST) +you have last chance to register!

👌 We will focus on #gender #equality within #DataScience and our excellent speaker will be Orsolya Vasarhelyi (from Hungary originally & Central European University/Vienna currently & one of the most amazing women within Data Science/our industry)

✍️ More about our speaker: Orsolya Vasarhelyi, Ph.D. is data scientist, educator & public speaker & also an ambassador of the Women in Data Science (WiDS) at Stanford University + a member of the Data Science for Social Good Foundation Alumni. 

🗣️ Talk > Data Science for (Gender) Equality 

📧 RSVP/registration: https://lnkd.in/dEJzSuK

💪 CV here > https://lnkd.in/dQn5Dkf
🦉Twitter > https://lnkd.in/dBD6dBZ
🔬Google Scholar > https://lnkd.in/d9J6bUg
📹 Videos from our previous events here > https://lnkd.in/dpy6Kyz

#PyDataSK #PyDataBA #STEM #genderinclusive #rstats #biases

#PyData #NumFocus #genderequality #STEMtag #stemdiversity #genderbias

"Hello (Deepnote) world"! / Radovan "don't tell me, show me" Kavicky (slovak spelling "Kavický", from Bratislava/Slovakia)

Hi there (Deepnote) community,

was just thinking what should I post here about me (you probably already know me from discussions or posts here), but either way if not/if you don't know me... will just point out that I am Data Science polyglot & veteran (10+ years in this area/Data Science consulting, education & community building/started in Matlab, SAS, Eviews, Stata, and also obscure piece of software called Statgraphics during studies and currently/about 6+years fully open source Data Science in Python/Anaconda distribution in fact, R and Julia) and will instead point you to my Deepnote profile, Github, kaggle, DataCamp, LinkedIn, Twitter or even on Goodreads & can follow me too @ Facebook + Instagram (there in "incognito" mode/by the name of my favourite literary character) and you will learn it all about me there... +the photo on cover image... it's me on the same stage (PyData Berlin/biggest Data Science conference outside US) where Wes McKinney (author of Pandas that we all use) was a year/2016 before me/2017 (yep, he's even more hardcore... and one of my Data Science idols).

If you think it's cool... think again & here also a year/2019 after Hadley in 2018 (Hadley Wickham of course/another Data Science idol of mine) on the same stage/conference (DSC/biggest outside EU).

But enough about me (and other white-man/male-privileged people), later I will post more info about this also to Events section, but I would like to invite you all to our upcoming event (on February 24th, from 5:00pm CEST) > focused on Gender equality within Data Science and our excellent speaker will be Orsolya Vásárhelyi (from Hungary originally and CEU/Vienna currently & one of the most amazing women in Data Science/within our industry):

More about her here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/orsolya-vasarhelyi-43132925/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Orsi_Vasarhelyi
Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=PlMQAU8AAAAJ&hl=en
+Even more in her CV here > https://networkdatascience.ceu.edu/sites/cns.ceu.edu/files/profilephd/files/266/orsolyavasarhelyicv_2.pdf

RSVP to our event here: https://x-europe-ds-for-equality.carrd.co/

During event (and the all upcoming) we might or might not use also Deepnote... we will see how we agree/disagree after a call with  Jakub .

And if you're asking... yes, together with our friends from Austria, Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungary we/PyData Slovakia & Bratislava recently (together with Ireland) joined the UDSC (United Data Science Communities)/X-Europe Webinars Series.

All our previous events/webinars on YouTube here > https://www.youtube.com/c/XEuropeWebinarsVideos/videos

And will end with the same message as I started:

"Future is awesome. All we have to do now is to build it."

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What about #AllForJan Hackathon in 2021 & online within Deepnote (via) GapData Institute hosted here/on your platform?

Some of you probably know, some of you might not, but Deepnote is an idea from Slovakia/former Czechoslovakia (a country in heart of Europe/European Union, NATO & OECD member state, although official Deepnote HQ is in Prague, Czechia + branch also in San Francisco/US) & together with sli.do it is one of the greatest innovations with global reach from our small, but beautiful country. Also, majority of Deepnote team is from Slovakia (some of them/much younger might already forget it, but still... it's true + rest of us/like me f.e., born 30+ years ago in Czechoslovakia, who still see himself as both/all three Slovak, Czech & European will gladly & always remind it).

But back to the topic/regarding my question as for #AllForJan Hackathon... we/GapData Institute (non-profit Data Science think-tank/or as we call it... data-tank, slovak version of name is "GDI Inštitút" and we are also founding member of Slovak.AI, connecting best brains in AI/ML/DL within Central Europe) + PyData Slovakia/Bratislava (one of our activities, connecting Data Science communities within Slovakia and broader/V4 and other European countries) organized/co-organized #AllForJan Hackathon back in 2018 (April 6th - April 8th) as reaction to the events from 21st of February 2018 (global #AllForJan movement was established after the murder of Ján Kuciak, the young Slovak investigative data journalist killed in 2018, to honor his work and legacy) and today we commemorated 3 years from the events... +soon/6th of April 2021 we will commemorate also 3 years from our #AllForJan Hackathon... +we would like to do it again!

Our suggestion/question whether it would be possible:
This time/during COVID outbreak do #AllForJan Hackathon 2021 online & using Deepnote!

Connect Developers and Data Scientists once again + Help journalist & data journalist in their work to fight organized crime, teach them to work with the best Data/Data Science tools currently available and support free press, transparency & further development of Data Journalism in Slovakia & who knows... maybe we will have even global impact in Data Journalism!

For those of you not familiar with #AllForJan movement... this movement started as local, but later become global... there is even AllForJan Award (also this year/2021).

More info: "They fight for the truth, for transparency, for freedom of speech. They want to inform, bring facts to light and empower people to take free decisions. Journalists are the heroes of democratic societies.

The #AllForJan Award recognizes best media coverage, exceptional and courageous reporting with a great impact on society and innovative ways of bringing the story to the public. The award is named after the global #AllForJan movement, which was established after the murder of Ján Kuciak, the young Slovak investigative journalist killed in 2018, to honor his work and legacy.

The #AllForJan Award was presented for the first time at the Press Freedom Conference 2020 in Gdańsk."

(via) https://allforjanaward.com/

So, what do you say?  Jakub  (btw. the #AllForJan logo on top of Forbes 30 under 30 cover is there not just an accident... Forbes was our media partner for the #AllForJan hackathon at the time/my work) if you like the idea/would like to discuss it further, you can reach me via GoogleMeet (radovan.kavicky@gmail.com or radovan.kavicky@gapdata.org) or +421 949 716 214

Here also namelist of all of us who participated/will probably participate also this year again (translated from Slovak):

"Organiztion of event:
- Peter Pištek, Vice Dean. FIIT STU/Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies of the Slovak University of Technology
- Radovan Kavicky, President & Principal Data Scientist, GapData Institute/GDI Inštitút
Mentors – researchers/FIIT STU and PhD. alumni & faculty members:
- Ivan Srba
- Jakub Šimko
- Ondrej Kassak
- Róbert Móro
- Jakub Ševcech
Mentors – journalists:
- Eva Kubaniova (https://www.investigace.cz/Czech Center for Investigative Journalism)
- Martin Turček, investigative journalist, aktuality.sk
- Adam Valček, data journalist, SME Data 

About Foundation for the Development of Informatics (FDI) at The Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies STU in Bratislava > FDI's funds are used to support: 
  • student competitions (ProFIIT, ACM ICPC…), 
  • study of doctoral students (scholarships for selected doctoral students), organization of IT conferences (eg WIKT, Knowledge, eLearning), 
  • students with extraordinary results (in the form of scholarships). 
Foundation account number (for potential supporters of other similar activities): SK03 1100 0000 0026 6304 0002

About GapData Institute > GapData Institute/GDI Inštitút is a non-profit apolitical research think-tank/data-tank, which apply Data Science and economics research for changes in public policy (reforms).

Transparent account number of Institute (for potential supporters this and other activities):
 SK73 8330 0000 0022 0093 3920
(via) https://robime.it/hackathon-allforjan-priniesol-nastroje-na-kontrolu-polnohospodarskych-dotacii/

+Screenshot from the publicly available event here (with nearly 1k supporters): https://www.facebook.com/events/142692609893677/

(via) https://www.facebook.com/events/142692609893677/?active_tab=discussion

Media responses (all of them in Slovak/use Google Translate or other tool if interested) from previous:

+keep me posted...

DataViz in Python/PyViz with (using) Deepnote @ WeAreDevs #PythonDay 2021

Earlier this week 😎 I had the pleasure to use Deepnote & give a 🎤 talk /presentation (while being invited as leading expert & educator 👨‍🏫 in this area) @ historically #1st 🐍 #PythonDay by #WeAreDevs / WeAreDevelopers and it was pleasure to talk to such a broad+global 🌎 audience (to give you a short overview of importance & scale of this event/WeAreDevs is with pre- #COVID 10k #developers @ WeAreDevs World Congress in Berlin/CityCube or Vienna/VIC, former 🌐 United Nations seat; currently/online 12k+ attendees, 30k+ developers in HR database, 56k+ followers on Facebook, 22k+ subscribers on YouTube definitely #No1 #developer #conference in #Europe/outside #US + with previous/in past excellent 😇 speakers like Steve Wozniak, John Romero or Garry Kasparov).

🔥 Disclaimer: #Python is currently #No1 @ #programminglanguage #code #ComputerScience + #DataScience & #AI #ML #DL #dataviz #data #artificialintelligence #deeplearning #bigdata #machinelearning #programming

📹 If/In case you missed it, recording (it was LIVE-streamed @ Facebook with 56k followers, recording here & YouTube with 22k subscribers, recording here) and you can also watch it directly here: >

#WeAreDevelopers #PyDataSK #PyDataBA #PyData #WeAreDevs #event

👍 And last but not least... thank you very much for the support to the whole Deepnote team! Especially Filip Stollar / Filip Stollar! cc: Jakub hope it helped (during my talk, there were at least 10+ users interacting/re-running with me directly in Deepnote/new subscriptions) + when in future you will implement/have also a promo code or affiliate link in Deepnote I am always open/free & willing to discuss the future/or even more extensive cooperation via GoogleMeet (radovan.kavicky@gmail.com) or you can use more traditional phone/mobile +421 949 716 214

😱 btw. Also the feedback/rating of my talk via Sli.do was pretty awesome... 😘

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Deepnote Community stickers & goodies (where to apply?)

Hello everyone & greetings from our PyData Global / PyData Slovakia/Bratislava Local Data Science community!

 Franccesco Orozco  posted on Twitter that he received some
good stuff from DeepnoteHQ 😘

photo (via) https://twitter.com/__franccesco/status/1354524727285587971/photo/1

So... just asking where we could apply for some good stuff too?! 🤩

As you can ⬇️ see... as for my notebook it is nearly full, but I will definitely find a place for at least a DN sticker! 😜 Maybe  Jakub Žitný  or  Jakub  could help? 😇

(+cc:  Anna Skoumalova  +  Elizabeth Dlha  &  Filip Stollar )

photo (via) https://twitter.com/PyDataBA/status/1136574878205845504/photo/3