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Can't log into Deepnote community from iPhone

From my dashboard, I click on "Join our Community".

I click on "Continue with Deepnote login". This takes me back to the community home page, but when clicking on the avatar, it looks like I'm not logged in.

My projects are all gone 😳

Upon logging in today, I am only seeing 1 project in my Deepnote dashboard (which is the default Starter Project). I used to have a bunch — between 5 and 10 I think.

I kept the URL to one of my projects that I had shared with others: https://deepnote.com/project/Give-Me-Some-Credit-oMrQxFzmTpir7lUBK9KJFw/
It looks like it's still on Deepnote, but I can't see it in my dashboard...