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Self-taught learner
Hello! I'm a self-taught machine learning enthusiast, still learning more.

LaTeX math slows down performance drastically

I've been meaning to report this for a while.
When editing markdown cells, having lots of math in them seems to really slow down the speed at which it updates.
ο»Ώ ο»Ώ
I can guess this is due to the fact it's trying to update the preview live, which is difficult when you have big, complicated math equations to try and render.
However, it is really annoying, and if there is no quick fixes to this, I'd suggest making it so that the markdown text appears before it tries updating the live preview (at the very least).

One last thing, there's this thing called StackEdit, that's a markdown editor with live preview, and it has no troubles with lots of math equations. Not sure how fair it is to compare Deepnote to it, but just pointing it out (maybe try do whatever it's doing I don't know).


Trying to Create a New Tokenization Algorithm

I have finished this project (finally), and thought I'd share it here!
In this notebook, I try to create a new tokenization algorithm for NLP (disclaimer, it didn't go too well), where it's more like a tokenization layerΒ (that trains), and it goes at the front of a neural network trying to solve some NLP task.
Here's the link to the notebook.
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Markdown tables stop working suddenly

Hello, so all of a sudden (pretty recently), markdown table just stopped working. They now don't display, and instead you just see the markdown you used to try create it.
You can try it yourself:
Now it just displays as:

Getting different TensorFlow version

Hello, I've been trying to get a newer version of TensorFlow (i.e. version 2.6.0rc0), however I can't get it to work. Here's the command I'm using:
!pip install --upgrade --user tensorflow==2.6.0rc0
This works fine, except for a warning about some scripts not being installed on PATH (pastebin here).
Then, when I try to import tensorflow as tf, I get:
NotFoundError: /root/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/tensorflow/core/kernels/ undefined symbol: _ZN10tensorflow14kernel_factory17OpKernelRegistrar12InitInternalEPKNS_9KernelDefEN4absl12lts_2021032411string_viewESt10unique_ptrINS0_15OpKernelFactoryESt14default_deleteIS9_EE 
How do I get TensorFlow version 2.6.0rc0 in Deepnote? Thanks!

First Published Notebook!

I've just published my first notebook! It concerns a new technique I've came up with for neural networks; when you have new neurons you would like to use, but their gradient can't be traversed by gradient descent, you can employ a "gradient pseudo-swap" πŸ™‚
Here's the link to the notebook.
Any (enactable) feedback is welcomed (and appreciated).Β 
Thanks for your time!
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