Martin Molnar

Self-taught learner
Hello! I'm a self-taught machine learning enthusiast, still learning more.

Trying to Create a New Tokenization Algorithm

I have finished this project (finally), and thought I'd share it here!
In this notebook, I try to create a new tokenization algorithm for NLP (disclaimer, it didn't go too well), where it's more like a tokenization layerΒ (that trains), and it goes at the front of a neural network trying to solve some NLP task.
Here's the link to the notebook.
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Markdown tables stop working suddenly

Hello, so all of a sudden (pretty recently), markdown table just stopped working. They now don't display, and instead you just see the markdown you used to try create it.
You can try it yourself:
Now it just displays as:

Getting different TensorFlow version

Hello, I've been trying to get a newer version of TensorFlow (i.e. version 2.6.0rc0), however I can't get it to work. Here's the command I'm using:
!pip install --upgrade --user tensorflow==2.6.0rc0
This works fine, except for a warning about some scripts not being installed on PATH (pastebin here).
Then, when I try to import tensorflow as tf, I get:
NotFoundError: /root/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/tensorflow/core/kernels/ undefined symbol: _ZN10tensorflow14kernel_factory17OpKernelRegistrar12InitInternalEPKNS_9KernelDefEN4absl12lts_2021032411string_viewESt10unique_ptrINS0_15OpKernelFactoryESt14default_deleteIS9_EE 
How do I get TensorFlow version 2.6.0rc0 in Deepnote? Thanks!

First Published Notebook!

I've just published my first notebook! It concerns a new technique I've came up with for neural networks; when you have new neurons you would like to use, but their gradient can't be traversed by gradient descent, you can employ a "gradient pseudo-swap" πŸ™‚
Here's the link to the notebook.
Any (enactable) feedback is welcomed (and appreciated).Β 
Thanks for your time!
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