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Another round of publishing competition

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Hey Community 👋🏼

We have prepared another publishing competition for you. We partnered up with Explosion and Jina AI for our Deepnote + #spaCy 🏆 NLP in Notebooks competition 🏆.

Create & publish a notebook solving NLP tasks with #spaCy or Jina AI and win a $1000 prize! Learn more at https://deepnote.notion.site/NLP-in-Notebooks-Competition-6616e415f0a44e5c95982e7bc1cb89dd

We have 3 challenges this month
  1.  Build an unusual Food AI with a pinch of madness
  2. Analyse sentiment from GoodReads vs IMDB reviews
  3. Use Jina.ai and spaCy in a weird yet interesting way

Let us know your thoughts, and we're really happy to see the submissions. For the curious folks check out winning apps from September and from June 🎊
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Handling Missing Data

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Amazing  Sia Seko  wrote an article about handling missing data in your data science projects. It's a great read for all the beginners we have here.

Let us know if you have any feedback here 🙂
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TypeScript in Deepnote

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Hey all, we have recently built a custom environment for Typescript in Deepnote with  Dan St Paul !

Most of the basic functionality is already working, some bits and pieces can be improved, but this is already a good base for anyone who wants to work in TypeScript or JavaScript in a notebook environment. With features like publishing it can be a good way to start learning, teaching or writing tech articles. 🙌


Looking forward to what you all will come up with 🙂
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Community roundup (March 2021)

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We're here with another Community roundup, spotlighting the top notebooks and community contributors of March 2021.

As always, if you're tagged in this post and would like to get some snazzy Deepnote swag for your hard work, please DM  Elizabeth Dlha  with your full name, T-shirt size and address. Also, the Deepnote publishing competition is still on - don't forget to share your notebooks in the Showcase channel to win $1,000 and other prizes. Now back to the business 👇

Top 10 notebooks

 Dan St Paul  built an EPL webscrapper in Deepnote to get some quality soccer data using pandas and Watir/Nerodia as an alternative to Selenium.
🌊 Ferdie Taruc did an awesome sentiment analysis on Frank Ocean's lyrics - he walks through everything from data gathering, clearing, to the sentiment analysis itself and statistical testing.
🐦  Abid  trained a machine learning model to predict sentiment from tweets in Arabizi Dialect. It nicely shows how you can use ML to better understand and interpret content.
👨‍🎓  Reslan Tinawi  showcased different exploratory data techniques on a data set with graduate admissions data. The goal is to predict the student's chance of admission to postgrad, given different predictor variables.
📻  Jacob Lower  and  Allan Campopiano  built a notebook utilizing YouTube API to get some channel data and visualize data about the popular YouTube channel Good Mythical Morning.
🐊  Tejas Jain  weorked with COVID-19 news data from IEEE to build a text summarization NLP model.
🤖  Andrej Chudy  built a Telegram bot to receive model training updates from Deepnote. Check out the notebook to replicate his approach and get one for yourself!
💸 birlorg created a notebook guiding us on how to retire in about 15 years.
🔮 Lukas Frei did a research piece analysing behavior of the data science community during the covid. You can read the full article here and see the supporting code in his notebook.
🕵️ Basile Roth built a social distancing detector using a Tensorflow object detection model, Python and OpenCV.

Community MVPs
🚀 Top post starter:  Abid  
👑 Most appreciated member:  Elena Semeyko  
💬 Most active commenter:  Franccesco Orozco  
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Reading group on Twitch - Understanding GANs

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📽️  Hey community! We'll be live again on Twitch this Thursday
  • 6pm CET / 10am PST / 1pm EST / 10:30pm IST

This time, instead of plain coding, we want to discuss a paper from ICLR conference — GAN Dissection: Visualizing and Understanding Generative Adversarial Networks.

We'll explain what generative models are, where can we use GANs besides generating cat images, and how to tune what GAN generates. 🎨 🐈

More resources from the authors:

Looking forward! 🙌
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NCL in Deepnote

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Hi community, I've recently found out that ecology/biology students are learning NCAR Command Language (NCL) for visualizing some of their datasets. I hear that setting up NCL, conda, X11 and everything might be pretty complicated so I went ahead and created a NCL notebook in Deepnote.

It's not really a complete custom env, there are some problems with installing, but feel free to duplicate my project and do whatever you need. Modifications, and feedback is welcome!

Here it is: https://deepnote.com/project/bf2ffd09-c9e8-4d3b-8516-e8af1f4f62c6#%2Fnotebook.ipynb
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Hi, I'm JZ 👋🏼

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I engineer things at Deepnote, right now I am trying to get our community to grow 🙌🏻

We just refreshed our publishing feature, and are about to roll out public profiles — so you can showcase your projects similarly as on GitHub, yayy.

Over the weekends I'm trying to finish my PhD in Applied Deep Learning in Medical Imaging. Previously I worked for Avocode
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Scraping the EPL Stats Website

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Dynamic Website Scraper built in Deepnote by the one and only Daniel St Paul. See project in Deepnote here.

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