Ashish Karhade

Data Science Enthusiast
Google's Explore ML Facilitator | Developer Students Club (DSC-SIT) Leader

🎡 Apple Music Streaming Data Analysis

🎢  I love listening to music and Apple Music  is my go-to application for songs and videos.
In this project, I am analysing my personal music streaming history from Apple Music.

Deepnote notebook -
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Embedding deepnote cell code doesn't works on Medium?

I am getting this unusual error when I am trying to embed cell code on Medium

Colab support for DeepNote Notebooks

I really love Deepnote dashboard and I love how my projects are organised in Deepnote.Β 
But, I am running out of memory and I am not able to do some tasks in the free tier.Β 
Is there a way to run deepnote notebooks on google colab and update the results/outputs in deepnote notebooks ?
I am Ashish Karhade, final year undergrad student pursuing Computer Science Engineering from Pune, India.Β 
I am currently working on analysing my personal whatsapp chat data and I am loving the process of data analysis.😍 
Looking forward to work on amazing projects and get help from this amazing community. 😁
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