Having issues saving to/creating directories

Saving to a path 'data/images/image.png' does not create new folders as expected.

And !mkdir 'data/images' does not work either. Although this used to work a few days ago :(

Please see the examples in this notebook

Turn Your Whatsapp Chat History Into Cool Graphs 😃

I'm not very good at cleaning or visualizing, so I wanted to take on a fun project to learn.

So here's my project! It's a little tutorial on visualizing Whatsapp chats; I take you through cleaning data and creating graphs for overall chat stats and then break them down by week for each contact. This works for both groups and private chats.

And for my lazier frens out there, you don't even have to go through the tutorial to generate the graphs! All you have to do is duplicate my notebook, upload your chat history, run the notebook and download the file with your wonderful graphs 😎.

Also yes, I made that epic cover image myself.

Link to my notebook: Your Whatsapp Chat History in Cool Graphs

I hope I made it in time for the publishing competition!

Edit: Notebook had a tiny mistake, changed it and republished.

Edit 2: I had originally cleared all output for privacy but I changed the names and left in all the pretty graphs.

Edit 3: Realized I can add the cover art to the notebook itself lol

I hope all these edits don't disqualify me 😅
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