Moritz Wallawitsch


Google Colab vs. Deepnote

Hi, can someone provide me with a pro/con list or parameter of Google Colab vs. Deepnote? My list so far:



  • customer service


  • 5gb ram free compute

UI and features

  • beautiful design
  • click-optimized UI (powerful hardware with one click)
  • real time collaboration
  • environment management
  • quick integration with AWS, Mongo, etc.
  • SQL cells
  • reactive apps with forms
  • automatic visualization 

Google Colab


  • big community/network


  • 12gb ram free compute
  • 11gb free GPU memory
  • TPU (180 TFlops, 64gb HBM
  • notebooks can run for at most 12 hours

UI and features

Happy to clarify those points and complete the list together!
CC  Jakub  would love to have your feedback here:)
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