Robert Ritz

Data Scientist and Educator
My interests are mostly around social science and building things to help people (for fun and profit).

Word wrapping for markdown files

I often use plain markdown files to write notes or write blog posts for my Jekyll blog. I would like to move to Deepnote as my daily driver for these tasks, but this is a big speedbump right now.

I can probably work around it by converting a notebook to a markdown file in the terminal but this seems to be a lot of extra work. Here is an example. ο»Ώ
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Reorder +Block Buttons for Speed

I haven't gotten used to the keyboard shortcuts yet, so I'm frequently using the buttons in between cells or at the bottom of the notebook. I often want to add a markdown cell and I realize it's small, but having to move the mouse down to Markdown seems redundant when the code cell was already available next to the +Block above.

My recommendation would be to move the Code button to the bottom of the +Block context menu.

Spell Check in Markdown

As the years have gone by I have relied too much on spell checkers, but they get me through the day now. I recently realized after copy/pasting a lot of markdown from one notebook that I had my spelling mistakes.Β 

A spell checker in markdown would be great for this. Obviously, not everyone will be typing in English, so having it off by default or an easy toggle would be great.Β 

Bonus points for figuring out how to let Grammarly play nice with Deepnote.
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Hi Deepnoters! I'm Robert, a data scientist and educator based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Originally from Texas, I've lived in Mongolia since 2013.Β 

I've used Deepnote since January 2020. Recent improvements andΒ ο»Ώ Allan Campopiano ο»Ώ have me taking a look at using Deepnote as my daily IDE.

Fun fact about me:Β Well I'm an American living in Mongolia for some time now, so that is pretty interesting. I also come to data science from a social science background. My degree is in political science and my forthcoming doctorate is in sociology.Β 
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