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Heading cells & TOC

I've just tried to use a new heading 1 cell and noticed that it doesn't appear in the TOC (see the screenshot below).

Also, I have a question about the purpose of the new cell types compared to the markdown cell. Is there a situation where it makes much more sense to use the paragraph cell (given that no formatting is available there)? And do you plan to add more features to these new cell types?

April 22, Stanford Engineering: Mitigating racial disparities with data science


I'm not sure if this event is open for the general public, but I plan to participate and as a Stanford alum can invite several guests. If anyone is interested, DM me and I'll try to register you.

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Python for beginners - Stanford Code in Place

For the second time during the pandemic, the team of CS106A, one of the most popular Stanford classes, run a free online course on programming fundamentals & Python. 

Course website: https://codeinplace.stanford.edu
Dates: April 19 - May 28, 2021
Registration opens on April 02, 2021

I plan to participate and would love to form a group of learning buddies for support, accountability, and pure fun 😉
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Credit the author of a duplicated notebook

When I duplicate someone's notebook, I like to add to the top of it:
  • A link to the original version (so if needed, I can easily compare it to my copy after modifying the file)
  • A link to the author's profile

I think it would be nice to do it automatically for all notebook copies 😉
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Dataset sources for learning projects

Happy Friday and Lunar New Year everyone!

I recently started studying Python and now work on several projects to put into practice what I've learned in DataCamp courses. Not surprisingly, one of the most time-consuming tasks was to find datasets that are worth exploring 🙂

So I would be grateful for your recommendations for future dataset search. At my level, data worth exploring means:
  1. Self-explanatory or well-described
  2. Clean enough to spend the majority of the time on the actual data analysis
  3. Ideally, spanning across several centuries of human history 😉

Here is a summary of my experience: 

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TOC: content from markdown cell > code block

That's not a pressing thing, but still would be nice to fix it 🙂 If I use in a markdown cell a code block (defined by ```) and add to it a comment line (that starts with #), that line will appear in the TOC.


When the "# Output" line is removed, the next comment line appears in the TOC. Interestingly enough, the following comment lines (that also start with #) are not rendered as headers 🙂

Share > Collaborators: better descriptions

It's great to have an overview of different types of collaborators directly in the interface:

However, the current descriptions are a bit ambiguous. For example, 

1) Are there any rights available to editors yet not listed in the overview?

2) What rights are available to an admin, compared to an editor? What is the difference between an admin and the owner? Can an admin delete a file (not a whole project)?

3) Can users in any of these roles share the project with others?
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Add new cell: unified experience

It would be great to have a single interface for creating different types of cells. 

1)  Allow creating markdown and SQL cells with shortcuts.

2) Use the same button layout in the middle and at the end of a notebook. As of now, 
- There are 3 different layouts (see the screenshot).
- They use different terms: block vs cell, markdown vs text.
- They do/don't include shortcuts available for code cells (at least one of them, ctrl + J).

3) Include "add new SQL cell" to the Command palette.

Also, in my first two weeks with Deepnote, I really missed an option to move a cell up/down - until I accidentally learned about the respective shortcuts :) It would be nice to make this super-handy feature more obvious.
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